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We invite researchers to help us to solve this problem!

Anyone with ideas, tools, algorithms, visualization skills, image processing experience can participate in this non-profit project.

Please contact us for questions and more information:

Marco Roling (CGHD)




Download the startup package for free here to play around with and spread the news about this project initiative.

The th[INK]back team joined the bi-annual conference on computation art history at the Dutch Rijksmuseum in June. Final report on this conference can be downloaded here.

For more background information on conservation of manuscripts, the process of ink corrosion and online simulation, see the website:



Articles, Literature, Publications


  A list is given here for further reading,
including links to downloads and/or weblinks

Latest update: August 15, 2015


  Gonzáles, P., Computerisation Project for the 'Archivo General de Indias, in: Cahier Vereniging voor Geschiedenis en Informatica (VGI) vol. 5 pag. 52-67, Hilversum 1992  
  Tonnazzini, A., Fast correction of bleed-through distortion in grayscal documents by a blind source separation technique, in: International Journal of Document Analysis and Recognition (IJDAR) 
June 2007, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 17-25
  Most, P.v.d., Defize, P., Havermans J., Archive Damage Atlas a tool for assessing damage, Metamorfoze 2010  



  An overview is given here of sixteen samples of scanned folio from the VOC archives at the National Archives of Indonesia. 

These samples date between 1683 - 1806 and show a broad variation in archival conservation and digital state of preservation.

Samples can be found also in the archive section of the indonesian/english website

Posted: September 18, 2015